Content Management System in PHP & MySQL (2022)

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  • Last Update February 9, 2022

About Course

PHP Content Management System from basic to advanced covering all the features.


This course covers all the features of Content Management system. And it is best suitable for developers who want to learn with hands-on project. This project covers from basic to advanced concepts on working PHP project.

This course (Content Management System) is structured based on the topics. And it is easily understood by any one who has basic knowledge of PHP & MySQL.

What Will I Learn?

  • Developing a Content Management System in PHP & MySQL with step by step Guide
  • Learn PHP & MySQL with handson project
  • You will be able to Create Web Applications in PHP & MySQL

Topics for this course

77 Lessons



2.Starting with Project

3. Page Design

4.Working on Admin Area

5.Improvising Front End Design & File

6.Database Table Design & Connection

7.Building Admin Member Login Functionality

8.Categories – CMS Functionality

9.Content – CMS Functionality

10.Building Frontend CMS Functionality

11.Comment System Functionality

12.Pagination System

13.Settings Page


15.Preparing Front-end for Clean URLs

16.Making Sidebar Dynamic

17.Checking AND Fixing All the issues



  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL