Numpy Pandas in Python from Scratch (2022)

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About Course

Learn how to use Python Numpy from scratch in Data processing and Data Analysis.


The most important part of data science is understanding the data that is available to data scientists. You will only be able to achieve the best outcomes if you have the correct knowledge of data and the appropriate data for the task at hand. The analysis, Visualization, and manipulation of data are all very important in Data Science.

Everything about machine learning and data science is made exceedingly simple with Python. We may easily achieve any desired action by utilizing some of the top libraries available in Python. Numpy  & Pandas are two such packages that allow us to examine and manipulate data in order to reduce the complexity and speed up the problem-solving process.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is Python Numpy library or module & how to use its methods.
  • How to use Numpy in data Analysis And data Science.
  • How to use Numpy to manipulate & process data.

Topics for this course

51 Lessons

01 – Introduction

001 Introduction00:00:00
002 Environment Preparing for Python00:00:00
003 Python2 VS Python300:00:00
004 Understanding Data Types in Python00:00:00

02 – Python Refresher

03 – Object Oriented Programming (OOP) In Python

04 – Project Color Choices Game

05 – Project Hangman Game

06 – Numpy Python Library

07 – Python Pandas Data Analysis & Visualization

08 – Web Scraping & Data Analysis Using Python & SQL



  • Computer and internet.
  • No primer programming experience needed for this course.