Ultimate Guide Java Programming Guide (2022)

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About Course

High-quality lectures & materials, giving you the opportunity to be able to successfully learn Java Programming in 2022.


Hi! So my name is Pascal Krause and I am one of the leading instructors of this course, where you fully learn how to successfully learn programming with the popular programming language Java, by using the powerful IntellIJ IDEA IDE. This being said, this course provides you everything you need to start creating & writing your own custom program, by using the programming language Java.

So basically as already said this course fully covers the programming language java. So in this course you will get step-by-step to your own best results you can & will achive. So you will start learning all this, by following the lectures, understanding images & materials and solving high advanced real-world examples & practice tests. Also this course will offer you many background things, like creating & writing your first program, working with databases and files, apply excel to java, variables, datatypes & much more.

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will learn the main basics & fundamentals of the popular programming language java in 2022.
  • Students will learn how to correctly setup the development environment for java programming.
  • Students will learn how to correctly understand & work with JavaFX, to create their own custom interfaces.
  • Students will learn how to correctly use databases & files on their java projects to work with data.
  • Students will learn how to correctly be able to develop Object-Oriented in Java programming.

Topics for this course

95 Lessons

01 – Getting Started

001 What is Java00:00:00

02 – Development Environment Setup

03 – Getting Started

04 – Complete Basics of Java

05 – Conditional Statements & Loops in Java

06 – Input & Output using Scanner

07 – Methods in Java

08 – Arrays & Lists in Java

09 – Using Maven on Java Projects

10 – Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

11 – Enums in Java

12 – Exceptions in Java (Errors)

13 – Threads in Java

14 – Files in Java using Java.IO

15 – Streams in Java

16 – Databases in Java (SQLite & MySQL)

17 – Excel & Java

19 – JavaFX Environment Setup



  • Students should be able to install programs & software on their computer.
  • Students should have internet connection & a working computer.
  • Students should motivation in learning Java Programming.