Create a divi themed wordpress website

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  • Last Update January 29, 2022

About Course

A beginner’s course on how to build your first website using WordPress and the Divi Theme and Page Builder


In this course you will learn, in easy steps to follow, how to create and build your first website with WordPress and the Divi Theme. You will follow a design in Figma and use the Divi theme and page builder to build an about page, a contact page and the homepage. We’ll go through how to setup your site online after its built so you can share it with friends and family.

Topics for this course

11 Lessons1h

create a divi themed wordpress website

01 – welcome8:55
06 – creating-menus-pages7:36
15 – contact-section P112:27
15 – contact-section P212:27
16 – full-width-map-section P14:04
16 – full-width-map-section P25:04
34 – graphic-design-portfolio-project p15:00
34 – graphic-design-portfolio-project P24:51
37 – filmvideo-portfolio-project3:42
39 – optimize-website-for-tablets-1 P17:22
39 – optimize-website-for-tablets-1 P27:23